Newborn Baby Sleep

Newborn Baby Sleep

Your newborn baby’s small stomach carries a small amount of food. Therefore, your baby will often wake up to eat. When all these short sleeps are added, your newborn will sleep about 16-18 hours of the day. You should follow your baby’s sleeping and waking pattern.

Fortunately, newborn babies have the ability to sleep almost everywhere. In the car, baby carriage, tub or in your arms and so on. Most newborn babies like to sleep in a car seat or in a stroller. Because it makes them feel like they are in the womb.

That’s why most babies like arson. Arson recalls the mother’s uterus, whom she has become accustomed to and loved.

Always support your baby whenever and wherever your baby sleeps. Remove the abundant blankets around you. Never leave objects such as pillows, duvets and toys around while you sleep. They are known to cause sudden infant deaths. Never leave your baby alone in bed or on the sofa. Newborn babies will not roll yet, but one day they will begin to roll. Therefore, you must eliminate this risk.

You can see that your baby makes different sounds during sleep. They’re probably your baby’s natural nasal breath. Your baby cannot clean the nose channels alone during this period. For this reason, use a nose cleaner to facilitate breathing, sleeping and even eating.

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