Is Your Baby Shopping List Ready?

Is your baby shopping list ready?

The sweetest excitement in the days of preparation for the baby what is required to take the rush to get. Companies who know the opportunity for this situation do not have any trouble to sell all the products that are suitable for the newborn to the prospective parents. Before you start shopping, you must have two most important criteria:

  1. No alcohol, paraben, BPA, chemical
  2. Should be suitable for the newborn


  • Body: Bottom or side snaps, short sleeves and long sleeves 6-7 pieces (0-3 months)
  • Jumpsuit: Combed / velvet, plenty, leg, tight waist and long sleeve overalls 4- 5 pieces
  • Sleepwear pajamas six (combed-velvet), 3-4 pieces
  • 2 pieces of internal, enough (because they grow rapidly)
  • Hospital Outlet Set (2 pieces)
  • Socks, wool booties, 2-3 pairs
  • Wool and combed vests, 3-4 pieces
  • Wool cardigan, 2 pieces
  • Tiny combed aprons, 7-8 pcs.
  • Combed hat, gloves
  • Combed / plush blanket, 3-4 pieces


  • Newborn diaper (a package will be enough to start. You will need different sizes according to your baby’s weight.)
  • Baby nail file / nail clipper (If you can, instead of cutting the nail, you can cut the part that is elongated as paper, or use a paper file. Since the nails of babies cannot be differentiated from the skin, we often have cases of cuts of the cuticle. Once your baby is 3 months old, you can cut it with a suitable nail clippers.)
  • Comb (suitable for newborn)
  • Ear sticks (I do not recommend using the ear sticks to clean the inside of the baby’s ear, just clean your baby’s auricle with the help of a clean cloth that you will wrap around your pinky finger. I wanted to draw attention to the ear as it is usually the earliest).
  • Baby changing and care cover (one-way cotton-colored cotton wool cloth on the other side that you can use for hygienic purposes when you change the bottom of your baby, you can see it when disposed under adult patients in hospitals)
  • 4-5 pieces of thin gauze cloths (to carry babies on the arm, remove gas, etc.)
  • Rash preventative cream and rash cream (It is necessary to use the diaper rash cream every time you change it, and the rash cream should be used when rash occurs. Both have different content, but new parents may think they are the same.)
  • Newborn wet wipes (You can use only handkerchiefs with water and cotton. No alcohol, paraben, perfume etc.)
  • Fire meter (for those who are quite practical)
  • Nasal aspirator and seawater for babies sold in pharmacies (Keep away from pump-shaped nasal aspirators. You can damage your baby because you cannot control the shooting speed.)

Nutrition and Breastfeeding Products

  • Milk storage bag (for milk storage or in the freezer when you milk your milk)
  • Bottle sterilizer (You can take it if you want to use the bottle and do not want to sterilize by boiling.)
  • Feeding bottle warmer
  • Baby bottle brush (for cleaning baby bottles)
  • Pacifier, pacifier boxes and pacifier holder (Sometimes families may have to use a pacifier when they’re desperate. From the start, I don’t recommend pacifiers as a health worker who supports baby-friendly practices.)
  • Feeding bottle and spare bottle teats (For newborns, always test them before taking a bottle. After filling with water, turn them upside down and check for dripping.The baby bottle shouldn’t flow quickly. This may cause suffocation in newborn infants. Just as you must imitate your breast, milk should not flow from the bottle unless the baby sucks.)

Bathroom Products

  • Appropriate shampoo, baby oil and lotion for newborn skin(You may choose alcohol, paraben, no chemicals and officially approved products.)
  • Baby wash tub and foam device to be placed inside the bathtub. (I don’t recommend it because it causes the baby to choke after the wets / hammocks part is wet in the bathtub. Instead, there are mats that can be placed in the cuvette and are ideal for your baby to not slip when washed. Or you can put one of your baby’s clothes as well as the big ones in the bathtub.)
  • Bathroom thermometer (You may not need a thermometer if you measure the temperature with my elbow.)
  • Bath sponge (When washing your baby during the first 3 months, do not use fiber, sponge, etc. Wash only by hand, you can use a soft gauze if necessary. After 3 months, you can use natural and soft bath sponge.)
  • Hooded bath towel
  • Cheesecloth for the bathroom (The cheesecloth soaks the water thoroughly when you put it on the towel so your baby doesn’t get too wet)


  • Dehumidifier (You can use it to provide enough humidity in your house.
  • Newborn baby car seat, suitable for pushchair
  • Baby Monitor
  • Pushchair

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