Gas Extraction, Hiccups and Vomiting in Newborn Babies

Gas Extraction, Hiccups and Vomiting in Newborn Babies

Some newborn babies need to be removed frequently. Some of them take the gas itself and does not need your support in this regard. If your baby is cranky during feeding or after feeding, your baby may have this gas.

You can also remove the baby’s gas every 10-15 minutes after breastfeeding or after breastfeeding. A day or two after the birth, you will be fully aware of your breastfeeding system.

You don’t have to hit the baby’s back to remove the baby’s gas. You can remove the gas by massaging the back with circular movements. Various gas extraction positions can also be tried, such as tilting the baby’s head on your shoulder, supporting him from the back of your head, or placing your face on your knee.

Don’t worry about your baby’s sobbing or vomiting. The babies are pretty normal and they don’t bother them. Similarly, vomiting during or after feeding is quite normal.

If your baby has too much vomiting, crying when vomiting, you should learn the difference between a fairly normal reflux in infants and gastroesophageal reflux disease, a disease that requires treatment. Whatever your reason, if your baby is vomiting, you will always have a clean cloth in your hand.

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