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Newborn Babies Breath

Newborn Babies Breath Another habit of newborn babies is periodic breathing. Your baby can breathe quickly, stop for a few seconds, and then start breathing again. Although this

Newborn Baby Sleep

Newborn Baby Sleep Your newborn baby’s small stomach carries a small amount of food. Therefore, your baby will often wake up to eat. When all these short sleeps

Crying of Newborn Baby

Crying of Newborn Baby There is not much to do about it. Undoubtedly, your newborn baby will cry quite a bit. How often, how severe and how long

Stool and Pee in Newborn Babies

Stool and Pee in Newborn Babies A breastfed newborn baby changes the diaper by making at least 5 pee per day. Food-fed babies can pee more frequently. The

Here is the beginning of a life!

Here is the beginning of a life! One sperm cell enters the oocyte without even looking at its size. Then, at the end of 40 weeks, your baby,

Baby’s First Day

The introduction of a baby is one of life’s most wondrous minutes. Hardly any encounters contrast with this occasion. Infants have astounding capacities, yet they are totally reliant