Bathing of Newborn Babies

Bathing of Newborn Babies

In the first days after birth it is quite simple to keep your baby clean. You don’t need to wash your baby these days. The baby should not be immersed in the water while the umbilical cord is still rocking the root. Wiping your baby with a sponge is enough for the first two-week cleaning routine. Too much cleaning of newborn babies may cause drying of the baby’s skin.

Clean your baby’s neck, other parts of the body, and finally the genital area with a warm, damp cloth or odorless wipes. If you notice any redness or irritation on the part where the diaper is attached, you can take rash cream or Vaseline.

The skin of your newborn baby may not look as perfect as the skin of babies on television. This will happen later. In most newborns, small skin problems such as skin irritations, redness, host, peeling, dryness may appear. The probable cause is the amniotic fluid in which he lived for 9 months. They recover within a week or two.

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